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Challenge Friends
To A Bingo Battle

These fast-paced, two player battles take Bingo to a whole new level! Duke it out to win major bragging rights as you unlock all 12 courses.

Watch Battle Bingo

Two ways to win


Video Replacement
Play a wild version of the classic Bingo game by racing to retrieve the items on your Bingo card. The first player to match four-in-a-row wins.


Video Replacement
Make it a "capture the flag" game by turning on the "Victory Macaroon" option. Steal your opponent's Macaroon for an instant win!

Plenty of Options

In addition to Victory Macaroon, there are other ways to change up your game. Set the number of starting Pikmin for each player and how many explorers you get per side. You can try new options every time!

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to increase the number of Pikmin you have right away by looking for nearby pellets.

  • The Wii U GamePad screen displays a bird's-eye view of the map complete with enemy and fruit locations. Use it to your advantage!

  • Collect cherries to get special items like lightning and rock storms that you can use against your opponent.

  • Throw Pikmin at your opponent's explorer to disrupt his ability to command. If you have enough Pikmin, you might even be able to steal your opponent's item.

  • Keep an eye on your opponent. If he's only one away from Bingo, try to block him from getting that last item.